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Smoked Tri Tip Recipe
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Smoked Tri Tip

2 pounds tri tip roast, trim of all fat
2 cups wood chips (mesquite), soak in warm water 20 minutes
season salt, pepper, garlic powder
onion powder, sweet paprika
fresh rosemary

If you cannot get tri-tip you can use London broil, rib eye steak, or any other thicker cut steak or flatter cut roast. Rub spices on meat and let stand. Heat up your grill and prepare for smoking. Place handfuls of wood chips in and let smoke build up. Place meat on grill and let alone for 30 minutes. Watch your temperature, try to keep it between 250 and 350, and your smoke, add chips as necessary. Turn meat and let alone another 30 minutes. Turn every fifteen minutes until done. This will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the thickness and weight of the meat.

The outside should be "crusty" but not charred, and the interior will be medium. There will be a red ring at the edge. Make sure you place a pan I use a disposable aluminum pan from the grocery store) under your roast as this method of cooking renders almost all of the fat form your meat. It will all drip into the pan and you do not want to start a grease fire.

Serving Suggestions: For added flavor you can spice up your dry rub with Cajun spices, cinnamon, curry, old bay seasoning or your favorite herb. You can also use fresh sprigs of rosemary or other woody herbs instead of the wood chips for smoking.

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