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 Camp Cornbread Recipe
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Camp Cornbread

1 C. cornmeal
1 C. flour
2 t. baking powder
3/4 t. salt
1 C. milk
1/4 C. vegetable oil

Mix dry ingredients. Stir in liquids. Spoon into a well-greased, heated 10 or 12-inch cast-iron skillet. Cover tightly. Bake over a low flame for 20 to
30 minutes, or until firm in the center. When baking over hot coals, place the pan on a low grill, on a three rock stand in the coals or directly on coals. Place coals on top of the lid (like a dutch oven) to distribute heat more evenly. Baked foods are more likely to burn on the bottom than the top.

To prevent burning, check the temperature of your coals before placing a pan on them. Hold your hand about six inches above the coals; it should be hot, but you should be able to keep your hand in place for eight seconds.

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