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Scrambled Egg Baggies Recipe
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Scrambled Egg Baggies

2-3 Eggs per person
grated cheese
diced onion
bell pepper

Equipment Needed:
FREEZER grade small baggie per person
permanent marker such as a sharpie
Large pot with hot (not boiling) water

Each person needs to put their name on a baggie with the sharpie.

Break eggs into baggie and add what ever else you like in scrambled eggs.

Seal baggie and have each person "massage" the eggs with their fingers so that the mixture resembles what you would normally scramble in a pan.

Place the baggies in the hot water for about 4-5 minutes. The length of time depends on how many bags are in the water and how hot the water is.

After the eggs are done you can either eat out of the baggie or put the eggs on a plate.

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