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Ice Box Fruit Cake Recipe
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Ice Box Fruit Cake

1 pound vanilla wafers
1 can Carnation evaporated milk
1 pound candied cherries (red)
1 pound seedless raisins (black)
2 pounds pecans (4 cups nut meats)
1 pound (2 cups) English walnuts
1 pound marshmallows

Crush or crumble vanilla wafers and cut up cherries and nuts, saving 15 pecan halves and 11 cherries for decoration. Mix all ingredients except milk and marshmallows.

Pour milk into large double boiler; when hot, drop in marshmallows, a few at a time, until all are dissolved. Pour over ingredients and begin to mix immediately.

Pour into buttered mold and let stay in refrigerator overnight. Turn out and decorate. Keep wrapped in waxed paper in refrigerator (makes it stay fresh and keeps for months).



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