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Jeweled Cookies

First: Using kitchen shears or a sharp knife dipped in hot water, cut up gumdrop-type candies into 1/4-inch pieces - 1 cup, divided

Beat until foamy: 2 eggs

Beat in:

2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

Stir in:

1 cup sifted flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix in with a spoon:

1/2 cup cut-up gumdrop-type candy

1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts OR toasted almonds

Spread in a well-greased and floured square pan, 9" x 9". Sprinkle the rest of the candies (1/2 cup) over the surface of the batter, distributing the different colors evenly. Bake until top has a dull crust. Allow to cool for about a half hour, then cut into squares with a sharp knife dipped in hot water after each cut. (The crust will crack anyway -- not to worry.) Cool thoroughly, then remove from pan. You may need to re-cut the squares, because the warm gum candy will stick together as the bars cool.

Bake at 325 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Makes 16 2-inch squares.

NOTE: I recommend fruit-flavored gum candies. "Starline Jelly Rings" and "Jolly Rancher Fruit Slices" make delicious bars with various flavors and bright colors. Do NOT use Jujube gum candies. Spice-flavored small gum drops may be used if you prefer a different flavor assortment (Better make a double recipe -- they disappear fast!)

This recipe is a slightly revised version of a recipe found in my really old "Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book", 1950 Edition, falling apart but still used almost every day. (It was a wedding present.)

Not only is this recipe very easy (except for cutting up the gum candy, which takes a while -- I do it while I watch TV), but it makes delicious crunchy barn that are really festive and pretty to look at. They are a family favorite that I always make for Christmas - but because we like them so much, I make them at other times as well. My grown-up grandchildren love them! They are delicious made with the gum "Orange Slices" alone, but we like the mixture of color and flavor of the jelly rings or other kinds of "gum" candy. (But NOT jujubes - that would not work at all.)

Source: Alice J. McEwuen

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