Make a Ginger Bread House

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By this time your gingerbread house should of been drying for at least a day. Do this by placing it on wire racks and just let it set flat until you are ready to decorate it. I would not stack the pieces on each other to save space. You don't want them to warp.

The first thing I do is to use some of the royal icing to stick the gingerbread base to the base you are using. A cut piece of wood covered with aluminum foil works best as then it will not bend. Then I decide where I want my house to sit. I usually allow more room to the front yard and just a little to the back. I decorate all the way around it though.

Now you need to get some soup or vegetable cans, 3 - 4 will do. First I place my back wall up. I run a line of icing with a decorating bag fit with a star tip on the base and the house. Smooth the edges carefully, don't worry, you're covering them up. It is easier to attach the candies if the surface is smooth. Support the walls with the cans. Wait about 5 minutes and then do the walls. I have found it best to put a line of icing on both pieces where they are being attached. Again support with the cans. Wait again a few minutes and put on the front piece. It should look something like this one at this point. Now I let it dry for at least 1/2 hour before putting on the roof. If you want to put something like a tree inside the gingerbread house, do it before putting the roof on. It is almost impossible after the roof is on to decorate the inside of the house. Be sure to use a little royal icing to glue the pieces down.

When putting on the roof, I used tomato paste cans to support the roof while it dried. You may need to use something different, you just want it to hold the roof up so it doesn't slide or you can hold it in place until it sets, but the can method is easier. After getting my roof on I usually give the house at least 2 hours to set before I start decorating. Starting to decorate too early can cause the walls to warp.

Adding the Candy to your Gingerbread House



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