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Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe ...The Liquid type

Need: cherry candy mold
Maraschino cherries in juice
Dry candy fondant
Compound coating chocolate
Two 16 oz. squeeze bottles
8 inch bent spatula
Merckens Dark Chocolate Coating

Warm chocolate in a double boiler. Fill one squeeze bottle with chocolate. Squeeze out chocolate into ea. mold cavity. Tilt the mold to be sure each cavity is coated clear to the tops all around. Invert mold over wax paper & prop with flexible plastic cup, so mold isn't touching wax paper. (OR) Invert over foil sheet pan with cake rack on it. Let the excess chocolate drip out. When chocolate starts to set up, use a small bent spatula to scrape off drippings level at tops of each cavity.

Syrup: Mix 10 part fondant and 1 part Maraschino cherry juice in a bowl and pour into the other separate squeeze bottle: This should be the consistency of Karo syrup. Don't worry you can't ruin this! This mixture should be thick enough to hold down the cherry.

Drain maraschino cherries on paper towels and place one in each cavity. Add syrup to 1/4" from the top.

Using the squeeze bottle of chocolate working in a spiral from outside to center, adding chocolate on the top to carefully seal.

Chill in freezer section only until chocolate separates from the mold, about 10 minutes. More time may crack the chocolate shells. Invert mold to dump out finished cherries CAREFULLY! They may crack if they hit the table hard.

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