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Christmas Stollen Recipe

12 oz. Golden Raisins
1/4 C. Rum, optional
2 packages Active Dry Yeast
3 C. warm Milk, divided
2/3 C. plus 1 T. Sugar
3 Eggs
1/2 C. Butter
8 - 10 C. All-purpose Flour
1 1/4 t. Salt
3/4 t. Nutmeg
3/4 t. Ground Cinnamon
1 Orange
2 Lemons
1 1/2 C. sliced Almonds
3 C. Assorted Dried Fruit
1/2 C. Glace Cherries
1/4 C. Butter
1/2 C. Powdered Sugar

Soak raisins in rum, or plump in boiling water to cover. Combine yeast, 1 cup warm milk and 1 tablespoon sugar. Stir until dissolved. Mix eggs and remaining 2 cups of milk. Add to yeast mixture.

In large bowl, combine yeast mixture, remaining sugar, butter, 2 cups of flour, salt, nutmeg (preferably freshly grated), cinnamon, grated zest from orange and lemons, almonds, cut-up dried fruit (may be apples, peaches, apricots, pears, prunes or pineapple) and quartered glace cherries. Stir in remaining 6 cups of flour.

Turn out and knead 5-10 minutes, adding flour as needed (up to 1 1/2 cups). If kneading in mixer, knead until dough clings to hook. Wash, dry and lightly grease bowl. Return dough to bowl, cover and let rise in warm place until doubled in bulk (1-2 hours). Punch dough down and knead 3 additional minutes.

Divide and shape into free-form loaves on greased baking sheet. Let rise again (approximately 45 minutes). Bake at 350 F. for 30 - 45 minutes. Cool on wire rack. Brush tops of warm loaves with melted butter, then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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