Fabric Gift Bags

Bag Instructions

You will need:

13 3/4" x 14 3/4" Fabric Piece for bag
Ribbon to decorate bag if desired
Fusible Web Tape 7/8" wide
Small decoration to attach near bow
7/8"w ribbon for bow - 1 yard

To assemble bag, fuse web tape along left edge and bottom edge on right side of fabric. Matching right sides and short edges, press fabric piece in half. Unfold fabric and remove backing. Refold fabric and fuse edges together.

To hem top of bag, fuse web tape along top edge of wrong side of bag. Press edge 1" to wrong side. Unfold fabric and remove paper fabric. Refold fabric and fuse in place.

Turn bag right side out and carefully turn corners outward, making sure seam allowances lie flat, press.

Place plastic bag of mix in the bag. Tie a ribbon around to close. Tuck in your decorations.

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