Scented Waxed Pine Cone Fire Starters
Plan to make these in several colors, perhaps dark blue, Christmas green and Christmas red! White would make an interesting accent. Cinnamon and pine essential oils are great for this project.

Pine cones
Candle wax or paraffin
Candle coloring or old candle stubs
Essential oil
Double boiler or large metal coffee can and a large pot
Wax-coated wicks
Wax paper

Melt wax in top of double boiler over boiling water or melt the wax in a coffee can in a pot of boiling water on the stove. Make sure that there is enough candle wax or paraffin so that pine cones may be dipped. Use extreme caution as paraffin is extremely flammable.

After wax has melted, stir in the candle coloring (or old candle stubs) and essential oil. Lower the heat. Thread a wick through the petals of the pine cone, letting about one inch hang over the tip of the pine cone. Using the tongs, dip the pinecone into the wax. Hold over the pot for a couple seconds to let the wax harden slightly. Re-dip the pine cone into the melted wax. Re-dip as needed until the pine cone is well-coated. Set on wax paper to harden completely.

To light a fire, put a pine cone fire starter between the logs and light the wick.

To give as a gift, put fire starters in a large basket. Tie a fancy ribbon around the basket and attach a gift tag with instructions for use.

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