On The Seder Table

On the symbolic traditional Seder feast table you will find the following foods:

Salt water: Represents tears shed during the years of slavery and the precious water needed to make things grow in spring.

Maror: Grated horseradish, bitter herbs or romaine lettuce remind Jews of the bitterness of slavery.

Zeroah: Roasted shank bone of lamb symbolizes the sacrificial lamb of the Passover and the rebirth of spring.

Karpas: Parsley recalls the green of spring and renewal of hope.

Baytzah: A hard-boiled egg, roasted in the shell, represents life and the continuity of existence.

Charoseth: A mixture of fruits, nuts, kosher wine and cinnamon to symbolize the mortar used by the Jewish slaves to build the great cities and pyramids for the pharaohs.

Matzo: Unleavened bread that symbolizes the haste with which the enslaved Israelites had to prepare and eat their first Passover meal.

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