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Carrot Cutout Treats Recipe
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Carrot Cutout Treats

3 T. butter
1 (10 1/2-oz.) pkg. miniature marshmallows
10 drops yellow food coloring
3 drops red food coloring
6 C. crisp rice cereal, such as Rice Krispies
Green icing

In a 4-quart glass bowl, combine butter and marshmallows. Heat in microwave oven on medium power, 2 to 3 minutes or until mixture is melted and well-blended when stirred. Keep checking and stirring (you want to melt slowly). Add yellow and red food coloring; stir until evenly colored.

Add cereal; mix lightly until evenly coated. Press in an even layer on a greased foil-lined 15 x 10 x 1-inch jelly-roll pan. Cool completely, then refrigerate.

When firm, cut into carrot shapes using a buttered or oiled 5-inch carrot-shaped cookie cutter. Decorate cutouts with green icing as desired. Let stand until set.

Makes about 18.


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