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 Easter Egg and Cookie Tree
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Easter Egg and Cookie Tree

Eggs also can be used to decorate the holiday table, and one of the prettiest and tastiest ways to do this is to create a tree of old-fashioned butter cookies cut out in egg shapes.

When the cookies are decorated in fanciful patterns and tied with pretty ribbons to a shapely, flowering tree branch tucked into a watering can or sand-filled vase, you will have a personalized centerpiece for your table, as well as your dessert.

You will need:

Floral foam blocks.

A sharp knife.

Watering can.

Heavy-stemmed flowering tree branches, such as dogwood, cherry, plum, quince or almond.

Cookies decorated as Easter eggs.

Narrow ribbon, cut into pieces.


Soak floral foam in water until it is full. With the knife, trim it to fit the watering can. Then place it inside the watering can and partially fill with water. Poke lower end of the branches into the floral foam. String the cookies with pieces of ribbon and tie them to the branches.


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