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White Chocolate Easter Basket
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White Chocolate Easter Basket

13" x 9 3/4" oval pan
36 4-inch candy sticks, trimmed to 3 inches in height
5 bags of Wilton white candy melts
1 c. corn syrup

Basket slats: Microwave 1 c. of candy melts in glass measuring cup on half power for one minute. Stir/mix to distribute unmelted particles. Continue to melt on half power at 15-second intervals and mix until candy is fluid. Dip candy sticks into candy melts and set on waxed paper to let dry.

Base plate: Melt 1 bag plus, remaining melts, from first bag of candy melts. Pour melted candy into oval pan until it is 1/4" deep. Tap pan on work surface to remove bubbles. Let rest at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, then stand candy-coated sticks along side of pan, pushing into candy base. Space sticks approximately 1 inch apart then refrigerate until well chilled. When completely firm, set in freezer for 3-5 minutes to help release plate from pan.

Basket weave: Melt remaining candy melts and combine with corn syrup, kneading it with your hands to make it soft and pliable. Roll into ropes 1/2-inch wide. Weave rope between candy sticks, pinching and smoothing the seams together. For the top edge, roll two ropes 3/8-inch wide and twist together. Position on top of candy sticks. Secure with melted candy if necessary.


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