Cavatelli with Broccoli and Sauce Recipe 
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Cavatelli with Broccoli and Sauce

1 lb. Cavatelli - thin slices
3 shallots,
1 lb. broccoli rabe
1/4 cup olive oil
3 garlic cloves
3/4 lb. sausage- hot & sweet cut into slices, par boiled
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp. flour
dissolved in 1/3 cup milk
Chopped parsley & basil
1/4 cup parmagiana
Red hot pepper
1 egg yolk - beaten lightly

Clean broccoli in saucepan put 2 tbs. oil with 1 garlic clove. Add the broccoli, cover and let steam for 5 minutes.

Sauté par boiled sausage in another skillet with 2 tbs. oil and garlic and shallots until brown.

Add butter and oil after removing sausage from skillet. Stir in flour and milk mixture. Cook for 30 seconds.

Add broccoli and sausage, salt, basil, parsley and red pepper.

Beat up egg yolk with parmagian cheese.

In a large warm bowl add butter and parsley. Add drained cavatelli.

Mix in egg yolk and cheese, add broccoli and sausage mixture.

Sprinkle pecorina cheese, mix well and top with more cheese.

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