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Pickled Peaches Recipe
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Pickled Peaches

1 qt. white vinegar
6 lbs. sugar
1 tbsp. ground cloves
4 whole sticks cinnamon
6 qts. (12 lb.) sm. whole peaches

Cook vinegar and sugar together to make syrup. Tie cloves in muslin bag and drop into syrup. Add cinnamon sticks.

Cook peeled peaches, a few at a time, in hot syrup until tender, remove.

Repeat until all fruit is cooked. Bring syrup to a boil; remove from heat. Add cooked fruit. Cover and let stand overnight.

Next day remove and discard muslin bag, pack peaches in clean quart jars to within 1/2 inch of top.

Cover with syrup, put on lids and process in hot water-bather at simmering temperature (180 degrees) 20 minutes.

Makes about 4 quarts.

Whole cloves may be used instead of ground.

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