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Rumpot - Brandied Fruit Recipe
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Rumpot - Brandied Fruit

Pour one pint rum or brandy into a crock or large, wide mouthed glass jar. Nothing metal.

Then start adding fresh fruit as it comes in season, commencing with strawberries, going right through cherries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, pineapple, even peeled cantaloupe chunks. Also raisins.

For each 2 cups fruit add 2 cups sugar except for the raisins. They have their own natural sweetness.

The only fresh fruits you do not use are apples, pears and citrus types. The first two get too mushy and the citrus retards the action. Do not use canned fruits here.

Wait a few days before each new addition. Stir daily to dissolve sugar.

Incidentally, a bean pot makes a good container, but do not clamp down the lid as it needs a little air to do what it's supposed to do. Or you can use a glass pie plate as a lid.

Frozen fruits can be used after a little experimentation on your part to discover the necessary adjustment in sugar considering the sweetness of the packing syrup.

The mixture is supposed to age for 3 months before using or giving any away for a starter, but it is good before then.

The sauce is great over French vanilla ice cream, puddings, plain cake slices, cheese cakes and even ham. No refrigeration is required, but it must be kept in a cool place away from sunlight while it works away.

For starters for friends, 2 or three cups is plenty.

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