Best BBQ Meatloaf Recipe
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Best BBQ Meatloaf

2 lbs. Lean Ground Meat
1 1/2 cups Bread crumbs
1 lg. Onion; chopped
1 (8-oz.) can Tomato Sauce
1 lg. Egg
1 tbsp. Al's Seasoning (follows)
1 med. Green Pepper; chopped

1/2 cup Water
3 tbsp. Vinegar
3 tbsp. Brown Sugar
2 tbsp. Prepared Mustard
1 1/2 cups Tomato sauce
2 tbsp. Butter

Al's Seasoning:
1 part garlic powder
1 part onion powder
1/2 part black pepper

Mix Al's Seasonings together well before measuring and adding to the recipe.

Combine the beef, bread crumbs, onion, 8-oz. tomato sauce, egg, Al's Seasoning, and green pepper. Mix well and place in a loaf pan. Combine all sauce ingredients. Cook in a saucepan until butter melts. Pour sauce over meat loaf and bake at 350 F. in oven or closed barbecue for 1 hour. While baking, the sauce needs to be spooned over the meat occasionally.

Note: Make sure you use a pan large enough for the meat and sauce, or the sauce will tend to boil over while it is cooking.


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