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About Hams

Bone-in --- Sold in whole hams, shank and rump halves, shank and rump portions, and center slices. Some hams are semi-boneless, with only the round leg bone or shank bone remaining.

Boneless --- All bones have been removed and most of the fat trimmed away before the ham is fully cooked. Processors section the ham, remove the fat and bone, and reform the ham.

Canned --- Boneless, placed in cans, vacuum-sealed and then fully cooked. Natural dry gelatin may be added before sealing to absorb the juices as the ham cooks.

For the boneless or canned hams, count on four to five servings per pound; for bone-in hams, two to three servings per pound. Almost all hams on the market today are pre-cooked and can simply be sliced and served. But at Easter, it's nice to warm and glaze the ham.

Check the label of the ham for directions, but as a general rule, you'll want to place a pre-cooked ham fat side up in a large roasting pan and brush lightly with a quick glaze. Then heat in an oven at 325F. to 350F., allowing about 15 minutes per pound. You want to bring the ham to an internal temperature of 140F. Apply a second and more generous coating of the glaze during the last half-hour of cooking.

The label will tell you which kind of ham you're buying. If the ham has water added, make sure that is reflected in the price. Also, look for "naturally smoked'' on the label. This means it was smoked over a smoldering fire, rather than injected with smoke flavoring.

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