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Apricot-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard Sauce Recipe

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Apricot-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard Sauce

12-14 Lb. Cooked whole (bone-in) cured smoked ham

Make sure the skin is removed, with a layer of fat and a collar of skin around the shank bone. Trim fat if necessary, and score it into diamonds. Stud center of each diamond with a clove and wrap ham in foil.

Bake ham at 325F. for one hour and 30 minutes.

Apricot-glazed ham with maple mustard sauce:
In a bowl, stir together:
1/3 C. apricot jam
2 T. cider vinegar
1 T. dijon-style mustard

Take ham from oven. Remove foil and brush jam over the top and sides of ham. Increase heat to 350F. and bake ham for 20 to 30 minutes or until glaze is bubbly.

Maple mustard sauce:
3/4 C. dijon-style mustard
6 T. maple syrup

In bowl, whisk together mustard and maple syrup. This sauce can also be made ahead, kept covered and chilled, and brought to room temperature before serving.


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