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Roast Ham with Orange Shallot Glaze Recipe
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Roast Ham with Orange Shallot Glaze

12 lb fully cooked whole smoked -- (12 to 18) bone in country ham
1 cup whole cloves
4 1/4 cups orange juice
2 cups Madeira or dry sherry
1 cup sugarless cranberry juice
12 medium size shallots, peel and cut
lengthwise in half
1/2 cup water

If roasting half a ham, you can reduce cooking time and glaze. Place ham in roasting pan. Insert 1/2 cup of cloves into top of ham (side with most fat) at about 2 inch intervals. Scatter remaining 1/2 c. cloves in bottom of pan. Pour 2 c. of orange juice, Madeira or sherry, and the cranberry juice over ham, and let marinate, covered and refrigerated, for at least 12 hours (up to 48 hrs), turning ham once or twice.

Preheat oven to 325F. Add shallots to roasting pan and roast ham until internal temp reaches 140F. Marinade should now be thick and gooey glaze. Baste ham every 15 minutes, making sure glaze is not drying out. Add 2 c. orange juice throughout the cooking time. If glaze appears to be burning, add the water.

Remove pan from oven. Place ham on carving board and let sit, covered with foil, for 10-15 minutes before carving. Place shallots in small bowl and cover loosely to keep warm. Discard excess fat from pan. Place roasting pan over two burners on stove. Heat sauce over medium low heat and bring to gentle simmer, scraping up browned juices. Add remaining 1/4 c. orange juice or water if needed to thin sauce. Carve ham into thin slices and serve topped with sauce and roasted shallots.

Makes 12-16 servings.



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