Chicken and Avocado Tacos Recipe 
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Chicken and Avocado Tacos

1 oz 30 g ripe avocado.
2 tbsp low fat natural yogurt.
1 tsp lemon juice.
1 salt and pepper.
1 few lettuce leaves shredded
1 shallot or 3 spring onions
1 trimmed and sliced.
1 tomato cut into wedges.
1 quarter small green or red
1 pepper finely chopped.
2 taco shells.
2 oz 60 g roast chicken sliced.

In a small bowl mash the avocado with a fork until smooth. Add the yogurt and lemon juice and stir until blended. Season with salt and pepper.

Mix together the lettuce, shallot or spring onions, tomato and green or red pepper.

Warm the taco shells under a moderate grill for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove them and fill with the salad mixture. Top with the chicken and spoon over the avocado dressing. Serve immediately.

Preparation 10 minutes, cooking 3 minutes.

Serves 1: 300 calories.

Selections 1 bread, 1 fat, 2 protein 1 vegetable, 20 optional calories.

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