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Basic Fresh Masa

Yield: Makes enough for 4 dozen to 5 dozen tamales

2/3 cups butter

6 tablespoons margarine

5 pounds unprepared fresh masa

1 to 3 cups pork, chicken, beef or vegetable stock

2 tablespoons salt

In the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer, combine the butter and margarine. With the paddle attachment on high speed, whip for 2 minutes, or until fluffy. Lower the speed to medium and add the fresh masa alternately with 1 cup of the stock, then add the salt. Beat until well mixed.

Return the mixer to high speed and whip for 3 to 5 minutes, until the masa is the consistency of spackle. If necessary, add more stock, 1/4 cup at a time, until the correct consistency is attained.

Drop 1/2 teaspoon masa into a cup of cold water. If the masa floats, it is ready; if it sinks, continue whipping it for another minute. Repeat this float test until the sample masa floats.

Each 1/2 -cup serving: 194 calories; 4 grams protein; 29 grams carbohydrate; 4 grams fiber; 8 grams fat; 4 grams saturated fat; 14 milligrams cholesterol; 252 milligrams sodium

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