How Am I Going To Serve the Food?

This is something you need to decide before the menu is planned. There are several types of service that you can use. These styles include Continental, Family-service, Country-style, Blue-plate or Buffet.

Continental service is also referred to as Formal service. The food it arranged in the kitchen and brought out to you by a waitperson. It can also be done when they bring out the dishes and serve you. In this case the plates are already on the table.

Family-service is a style of service where the entree is served by one person and the filled plates are passed by the guests until all have their food.

Country-style service has the filled bowls and platters of food at the table. The guests pass the dish closest to them around the table.

Blue-plate service entails filling the plates in the kitchen and placing the filled plates on the table just before the guests sit down.

Buffet is probably the most common type of service used. Containers of food are placed in the serving area, such as the side buffet, table or counter. Guests help themselves to the food and then sit down at tables or balance them on their laps, depending on the party.

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