Chocolate Overload Ice Cream Pie Recipe


Chocolate Overload Ice Cream Pie

1 Oreo pie shell (crust)
1 lb mint-chocolate chips
1/2 gallon chocolate-marshmallow or Heavenly Hash ice cream
8-ounce container Chocolate Cool Whip

Allow the ice cream and cool whip to soften to the point that they are spreadable. When they have reached this point, cover the bottom of the pie shell (crust) with up to 3/4 of the mint-chocolate chips.

Stir the remaining chips into the ice cream. Spread the mixture into the pie shell, adding ice cream until you've filled to the top edge. Liberally slather the Chocolate Cool Whip over the top, until the ice cream is completely covered. If you didn't use up all of the chips, sprinkle some of them over the top as decoration.

Freeze the pie until solid (generally a good idea to allow at least 12 hours between preparation and serving). If frozen hard, it will cut more easily with a heated knife.

8 Servings.


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