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Cabbage Rolls

8 lbs. ground beef
8 lbs. ground pork
5 lbs. onions, finely diced
8-10 heads cabbage plus one extra
8 tbsp. salt
8 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. paprika
garlic to taste (optional)
12 cups uncooked rice, washed and drained
oil to sauté onions
6-8 cans tomato juice (48 oz. each) or use part spaghetti sauce (big jars)

In large pot of boiling water place cored cabbages 2 at a time and cook until cabbage separates from head and is bendable. Add a little vinegar to the water to help hold the cabbage together. When all the usable leaves are removed, cut off thick center vein.

Save all extra cabbage leaves and use extra cabbage to place in bottom of roaster to prevent burning.

Sauté onion in small amount of oil

In large deep pan (roaster size) combine ground pork, ground beef, rice, salt, pepper, paprika and onions.

Mix together thoroughly. Place approximately 1 tablespoon filling on each cabbage leaf. Roll up into little bundles.

Chop leftover cabbage and layer in bottom of roaster, then add cabbage rolls.

Don't crowd rolls. Alternate layers and then top with a cabbage layer. Slowly pour tomato juice to just cover cabbage rolls. Bake at 325° until cabbage and filling is soft, 4 to 6 hours.

Makes about 250 rolls

NOTE: These can be frozen in smaller packages for future use. Spoon some sauce over rolls for freezing.

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