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Cooking Practice

Set up a table with all the ingredients for baking a cake (flour, sugar, eggs, ect) plus a few "extra ingredients like spices, vinegar, baking soda, just about anything. I also supply a mixing bowl, measuring cups/spoons and a pan.

The bride is than told she must make a cake, from scratch, from memory. She must tell what her measurements are and how long to bake and at what temp. Do this at the beginning so the cake will be done baking when she is finished opening gifts. It is then taken out of the oven for her to taste test. This can be really funny if the person doesn't know how to cook. Can you imagine what her cake will taste like?

Let the bride have all the ingredients, bowls, measuring cups, baking pan she has used. Every time she uses that bowl she will remember "her cake". You can use this game with our "Cooking Theme".

Have someone write down the bride's recipe for "her cake". Write it down so the bride will always have a recipe for her wonderful cake as a remembrance.

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