Wedding Shower Decorations
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Tablecloth Fun

Purchased a nice linen tablecloth and embroidery pens. At the shower, put plastic under the tablecloth. make up instructions and frame them. Include the bride & groom's names and date of wedding. In the instructions suggest that each shower attendee write a message of blessing, wisdom or just good wishes for them. they may also decorate the table cloth so it has more than just text. Talk about a treasured keepsake! Yet it can be used for wedding anniversaries. If there are several showers for the bride, take it to the other showers also.

bridal shower decorations

The Honeymooners

Create a theme for the shower based on where the couple is honeymooning, or a place where the bride has always dreamed of going. Decorate accordingly, serve regional food, play local music and have related party favors like Hawaiian Leis or beach sarongs.

bridal shower decorations

Newlywed Advice

Purchase baskets for each of your tables. Decorated  with ribbon and flowers to match the colors of the wedding.  Attached a sign saying "Advice for the Newlyweds." Next to the baskets place slips of paper and pencils so guests could give us tidbits of advice. Compile the messages and send it out in your Thank You cards.

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