You are soon ready to make an important ____1____. There will come a time in your marriage when you will find Grooms Name is not always ____2____, but do not ___3_____ at him because he might___4_____.

Remember Bride’s Name, marriage is not always easy and you have to tackle it the best you can. If you remember to ____5____ your love and give him your ___6_____, you will find much ___7_____.

I know Grooms Name will always be your ___8_____ . I wish you both the very best of luck and happiness in the years to come and hope you r marriage will be ___9_____.


P.S. Are you ___10_____ you do not want to ____11____?

1. Promise
2. Mr. Clean
3. Shout
4. Vanish
5. Pledge
6. All
7. Joy
8. Honey
9. Fantastic
10. Sure
11. Stayfree


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