Wedding and Bridal Shower Games


Social Threads

Pass out a spool of thread and tell each guest to break off as much thread as they think they will need. They will ask what it is for but just tell them not to take too much but to be sure to get enough. It is funny to see some break off a long piece and some just take a very short piece. When everyone has their thread each person must tell about themselves as they wrap the string around their finger not stopping until they reach the end of their thread. Some seem horrified as they look at their almost endless length of string. This is a real good game when you have a lot of people who know the bride but not each other. It helps all get acquainted real fast!

wedding and bridal shower games

Caught You!

At the beginning of the shower give a gift to the second person arriving, and the fifth, and the eighth (however many you decide). And instruct everyone who arrives" not to cross their legs." If she is caught with her legs crossed she has to forfeit her gift to the one who caught her. Everyone keeps an eye on everyone, it is fun to see who has the gifts at the end of the party, then the girls open their gifts. You can also include the gifts from the other games played. It is a great ice-breaker and lots of fun.

wedding and bridal shower games

Recipe for a Good Marriage

What you do is give everyone a piece of stationary and have them right down what they would consider a recipe for a good marriage would be. When everyone is done you have them fold their recipe in half and put it in a bowl or hat and you then draw the recipes out one by one and read them off and everyone has to guess who may have written the recipe. It is not only a good way to get to know each other and laugh but you can only imagine what kind of recipes you get.

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