Create Your Own Groom
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Create Your Own Groom

Borrow a set of the groom's clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt, socks, shoes, gloves, and a hat if he wears one. Stuff the clothes with gifts for the bride. Wax paper, handy wrap, aluminum foil, rolling pin, etc. Make good arms and lower legs, paper towels work the best for thighs. toilet paper works good for a chest, and 2 bowls put in a pair of panty hose work for the head. for the extras two sets of inexpensive measuring spoons taped together spoon to spoon can be placed in the pants. Set the groom at the door to greet everyone. Move him around to where the bride is during the shower. If you have a small tape recorder you could get the groom to make some prerecorded messages to play every time you move him around. The bride gets to undress him as part of her opening gifts don't let her know what's up in advance.

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