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Opening the Gift While Getting Dressed

Have all guests arrange their chairs in a big circle. Pick one person to start. Give that person a crazy hat, a pair of gloves, a purse and a scarf. Along with these items, hand that person a gift that has been wrapped about five times over with tape around the edges and tight curly string, making the gift difficult to open.

To the left of this person, hand the guest a pair of dice and something to roll the dice in. The object of the game is for the first person to dress up: put on hat, gloves, scarf & purse and start trying to open the present.

Meanwhile, the person to their left is rolling the dice trying to get doubles. When that person gets doubles, they grab the getup and the present from the first person and start dressing up and trying to open the present while the person to their left rolls for a double.

This continues until the present is finally opened and the person who opens it gets to keep the gift. This is a hilarious game because people really want to open the present and it's difficult with the getup!

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