Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon Grass Recipe
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Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon Grass

12 jumbo tiger prawns (from gourmet food store)
3 tsp. freshly chopped lemon grass
3 tsp. freshly chopped red and green jalapeno
cup of white cooking wine
White pepper and salt to taste

Chop off all of the prawn's legs and slice the back open, half-way.

Marinate the prawns for 15-20 minutes with white cooking wine and sprinkle white pepper and salt on top.

Mix the green and red jalapeno and lemon grass together and lightly bread the top of the prawns.

Cook with high heat for approximately 10 seconds. Turn them over and cook through the shell for 30-35 seconds.

Let the prawns cool for two minutes before serving.

Serves 4


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