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Matt’s Southwest Soup

3 cans (10 ¾ oz) Tomato Soup
1/8 C. Olive Oil
1 Orange Bell Pepper
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
½ C. Mushrooms
¼ C. Carrots
¼ C. Onion (any will work just fine)
1 C. Baby Spinach
½ Tablespoon Minced Garlic
1 Teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
12 ounces Chicken Fajita Meat
8 ounces Smoked Beef Sausage
Cracked Black Pepper
Sea Salt
2 C. Uncooked White Rice

Making Soup:

Prepare vegetables in advance. You will not need all of the Bell peppers about ½ of each pepper will do and cut each ½ into fine manage able pieces.

Heat a decent sized soup pot on the stove over Medium-High heat and add in Olive Oil. Allow for the oil to heat up before adding the ½ Tablespoon of minced garlic. Allow the garlic to slightly brown before combining with Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onion and Baby Spinach. Sautee the vegetables before combining with the 3 cans of Tomato Soup. When the soup is added you will also want to add 3 cans of water to this mixture as well. At this point you will want to add the Crushed Red Pepper and stir the mixture.

Prepare the Chicken and Sausage in advance as well. Grilling the sausage is the recommended method for this and I use a counter top grill when making this soup. After the sausage has been grilled cut it into small pieces before adding it to the soup combination. As for the Chicken Fajita Meat, most grocery stores carry this in a frozen food section. The microwave instructions are usually sufficient for cheat heating the chicken. I do recommend covering the chicken with a damp paper towel so it does not dry out. When both are finished add them to the soup in the pot.

After adding in the meats I add two cracks from my salt and pepper grinders before allowing the soup to cook for about 10 minutes or so. Don’t forget to stir occasionally.

Now, prepare the White Rice. Determine how much rice you’re using on how many people you’re serving. When preparing the rice I typically use the directions on the package as there is no need to become fanciful with the rice.

After the rice is finished and the soup is done combine the two together in a 1 part rice 2 part soup ratio.

Recipe from Matt Wied

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