Whole Smoked Turkey Recipe
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Whole Smoked Turkey

1 12-lb. turkey
Red pepper
Black pepper
Dark brown sugar
Red wine
Olive Oil

Remove the turkey's innards. Combine all of the spices (to taste) with the red wine and olive oil until it is a paste. Rub the turkey all over, ensuring that you get the mixture into the crevices between the wing and the body. Marinate in the refrigerator overnight. Reserve remaining paste.

In a smoker, start the charcoal or wood (apple, cherry or another sweet wood is best) and allow to burn to gray ash, about 45 minutes. When the coals are ready, spread them out to ensure the heat is even and indirect. Place a drip pan under the grate below the turkey to ensure the grease does not cause flare-ups.

Put the turkey on the grill, standing up (breast side down, legs in the air. Close the cover and keep it closed!

Check the coals every 60 to 90 minutes and replenish as necessary.

Add more wine to the paste so it is more of a liquid consistency.

When the turkey is close to done (165 to 180 measured in several places) baste with the modified paste.

Yield: 20 servings

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