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Dutch Oven Rump Roast Recipe
"Dutch Oven Recipes"


Dutch Oven Rump Roast

1-3 to 4 lb rump roast
2 tbsp real bacon bits
1-tbsp of margarine
1-large sweet onion
1-beef bouillon cube
1-can of beef mushroom soup
1-small can of mushrooms
2 cups of cooked wide egg noodles

Start 25 coals and wait until there is a dusty coating. Set 12" Dutch Oven on 15 coals and sear the rump roast on all sides in margarine.

Add bacon bits and stir around; quarter the onion and add to the oven; slowly pour 1/4 cup of hot water and bullion cube over the roast.

Cover and place 10 coals on top of lid. Cook for about an hour.

Remove from heat, and whisk away coals off lid. Start up another 15 coals until dusty.

Add Beef Mushroom Soup and can of mushrooms with juice, to the Dutch oven.

Cover with lid, and cook on coals for about 45 minutes. Boil water in another pot and cook noodles; drain.

Remove oven from coals. Take the roast out of oven and place on a plate; slice beef, and serve with noodles and spoon the mushroom sauce on top.

NOTE: If you want to add vegetables to the roast, add in the second stage of cooking.

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