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Hamburger and Veggies in Foil Recipe
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Hamburger and Veggies in Foil

1 lb. hamburger
1 bag of frozen mix veggies
salt and pepper
Creole seasoning or garlic salt 
aluminum foil (heavy)

Use a piece of foil big enough to hold everything. Lay flat and place hamburger meat and veggies on foil. Top with butter, salt, pepper and seasonings. Fold foil up and close ends. With fork punch a few holes at the top to let a little of the heat escape (not a whole lot though, so that the steam will cook the mixture).

Place foil packet onto grill or open fire and cook for about an hour or until done. After the meat starts to cook well, I usually punch holes around far ends to let the grease run off (try to let it run off away from coals or fire if possible). When done cooking, carefully removed foil packet from grill or campfire, open carefully and enjoy!!

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