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Lemon Pepper Lake Trout Recipe
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Lemon Pepper Lake Trout

1 freshly-caught lake trout
1 lemon
1 onion
some butter
some lemon pepper spice

Gut and remove the head of the trout. Place as many onion and lemon halves as the cavity will hold. Add some butter, and don't be shy with the lemon pepper. Wrap in foil with a tight seal.

Cook over coals on the fire grate until the fish is done, which may take 20-30 minutes.

Be careful when you flip it over not to tear the foil or you will feed a grease fire for awhile and have a drier fish to eat. The skin should stick to the foil. Remove the top half of fish from the ribs and backbone, followed by the entire backbone and ribs, with the other half of the boneless fish waiting for you when you want second helpings.

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