Crockpot Best Ever Posole Recipe
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Crockpot Best Ever Posole
This recipe feeds a crowd and is immensely popular.

1 fryer chicken (cleaned and wrapped in cheesecloth with a little knot at the top for handy removal)
4 sliced chorizo sausage links
2 cans crushed tomatoes
2 cans Ortega chilies
2 cans hominy
2 onions in eighths
6 cloves of garlic
TO TASTE: Cumin, cayenne, New Mexico chile, poblano chile, celery seed, oregano, salt & pepper

(I use 4 tbsp. cumin, 1 cayenne, 1 small chile, 2 tbsp. oregano, but you're all great cooks so tailor it to your family's taste!)

In crockpot, layer onions and garlic, half of hominy, chilies and tomatoes, place cheese cloth wrapped chicken on top, and cover with remaining ingredients, until filled to 1 inch from top. Cook on LOW for 6 hours, skimming off the fat as it melts and adding more of the remaining ingredients as the whole thing settles.

After 8 hours, remove chicken using the cheesecloth top knot as a handle. Place in large bowl and debone when cool. Add chicken meat back to crockpot with all remaining ingredients and juice which has settled at bottom of bowl.

Cook until heated through. Serve with lime wedges and corn tortillas.

It is so good and because of the cheesecloth, you won't find a bone in your stew!


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