Porterhouse Paradise Recipe
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Porterhouse Paradise

1 Certified Angus Beef Porterhouse steak (2-3 lb.)
Salt and pepper

2 cups mixed cooked pinto, kidney, lima beans and black-eyed peas
1 cup prepared barbecue sauce
4 ears corn grilled
Gaufrette potatoes sliced from two large Idaho potatoes
8 pods okra steamed

Cornmeal Mush:
1 cup water
1 cup milk
1 cup yellow cornmeal
Salt and pepper to taste

1. For the beef, season with salt and pepper and sear on a grill for 5 minutes each side. Finish cooking in a 350 F oven for 15 minutes. Let rest at least 10 minutes after cooking and keep warm.

2. For the garnish, combine bean mixture with barbecue sauce. Grill corn and deep-fry potatoes until crisp. Make a slit in okra and remove seeds.

3. For the cornmeal mush, bring water and milk to a boil. Reduce heat and add corn meal. Let simmer 5 minutes and cook until thickened. Season with salt and pepper. Stuff okra pods with this mixture.

4. To serve, slice steak into 2 portions and arrange on platter with garnish of vegetables.

Serves 2

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