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Dancing Chicken Recipe
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Dancing Chicken

1 (3 pound) whole frying chicken
1 can of beer
Seasoning, to taste

Wash bird and remove giblet sack from inside bird. Season skin to taste. Open beer can and place in cavity of bird, open side up.

On a charcoal grill with one layer of BLAZING hot coals, place bird on rack, balancing on the beer can to where bird appears to be standing up.

Close top of grill Set vents on top to 20% open. Forget the chicken for 1 1/2 hours and open lid. Birds should be well browned or it may take another 15 minutes.

Wearing gloves, remove the birds from grill and take the beer can out. Place the birds on a serving dish. It won't take much carving because the meat will literally fall off the bone. Some of the beer cans will be empty, some will have some brew in them.

Using an empty beer or soda can, wash clean inside and use red or white wine or anything you choose instead of beer.

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