Picnic Recipes From Razzle Dazzle Recipes


Chicago Dog

8 all-beef wieners
8 poppyseed hot dog buns or other hot dog buns
yellow ballpark mustard
chopped cucumber
pepperoncini, chopped
chopped onion
chopped red-ripe tomato
celery salt
dill pickle spears, optional

Fire up the grill, bringing the temperature to high.
Grill the wieners uncovered for 3 to 5 minutes over high heat until deeply browned, rolling to crisp all surfaces. Toast the buns at the same time on the edge of the grill.

Place the dogs on the toasted buns and top each with a good squiggle of mustard. Then pile on, in approximately equal portions, generous spoonfuls of cucumber, peppers, onion and tomato. Sprinkle celery salt over each bulging bun. Serve with dill pickle if desired.

Serves 8.


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