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Bailey's Truffle Fudge

3 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate chips
3 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup butter
1 cup bailey's irish cream
1 1/2 cups nuts -- chopped optional

Truffle Topping:
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
4 tablespoons bailey's irish cream
2 tablespoons butter cut in pieces

Melt chocolates with butter until chocolates are soft enough to stir smooth. Do not overheat.

Add chocolate/butter mixture to powdered sugar and Baileys. Stir until smooth, add nuts and mix well.

Place fudge in an 8" X 8" pan, oiled. Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on top and gently press to smooth fudge.

Truffle Topping:
Melt chocolates until soft. Remove from heat.

With a fork, beat in butter and Baileys until smooth.

Spread topping over fudge with knife. If a very smooth top is desired, place plastic wrap over top as in above. Refrigerate until firm; 1-2 hours. Can be frozen.

Using All semi-sweet chips (instead of white chocolate) will yield a deeper, darker fudge.


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