Golden Raisin Chocolate Fudge Recipe
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Golden Raisin Chocolate Fudge

2 Tbsp. Butter or margarine
1 Can Evaporated milk
1 2/3 Cups Sugar
1/2 Tsp. Salt
2 Cups Miniature marshmallows
1 1/2 Cups Semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 Tsp. Vanilla
1/2 Cup Coarsly chopped walnuts toasted
1/2 Cup Golden raisins [plumped 5 minutes in 1 cup boiling water then drained] (optional)

Butter an 8" square pan and set aside. In a saucepan, combine butter, evaporated milk, sugar and salt. Bring to a boil over medium heat; stirring occasionally. Boil 4 to 5 minutes (stir constantly while boiling). Remove from heat. Stir in marshmallows, chocolate and vanilla. Stir well for 1 minute or until marshmallows melt and are fully blended. Stir in the nuts and raisins. Pour into prepared pan. Cool about 2 hours. Cut into 1" squares. Store covered.


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