Onion Stuffed Martini Olives Recipe
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Onion Stuffed Martini Olives

1 Jar Pickled onions -, (8 1/2 oz)
1 Jar Large pitted green olives -, (8 1/2 oz)
Thinly sliced peel of 6 lemons
1 Decorative glass jar
1 Cork
Two feet copper wire, (24 gauge)

Slice onions in half or quarters as needed to fit into olives. Put olives into a bowl, reserving the pickling liquid.

Stuff each olive with 1 onion piece, taking care not to split the olive.

Put stuffed olives in decorative jar. Add lemon peels throughout jar and fill jar with reserved olive pickling liquid.

Seal with cork. Wrap copper wire around a pencil or wooden spoon. Slide off and stick ends of wire into the cork. Repeat several times until desired decorative effect is achieved.

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