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Preserved Limes

Kosher salt
fresh lime juice
fresh ginger
serrano chiles

Cut the limes into quarters from stem end to blossom end - the wedges do not remain attached. Then, cut each wedge cross-wise in half. You have 8 small pieces from each lime.

Cut the fresh ginger and serrano chiles (seeded) into small julienne strips (peel the ginger if the peel is thick - or if you plan to use the ginger in cooking, otherwise, you may leave the peel on).

Roll the lime pieces in Kosher salt to cover generously, and begin to layer the salted pieces in a clean, dry jar. Between each layer, sprinkle generously some julienne strips of ginger and chiles. When the jar is nearly full, add 1/2 to 1 cup of fresh lime juice (or enough to cover the lime pieces). Cover the jar with cheesecloth or other material (not airtight) and allow to ferment and develop flavor for as long as you can resist eating them - at minimum, 2-3 weeks. For the first week or two, until fermentation is complete, the limes may be held at cool room temperature, but cover and refrigerate them for longer storage - they’ll keep for months.


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