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A delicious treat of aged, rum-soaked fruit, in the German and Austrian tradition. You can also soak the fruit in bourbon, in the French tradition, or in your favorite brandy or other alcoholic beverage that is at least 80 Proof (40% alcohol by volume).

Use one or more, or all, of the fruit in the guide below. Traditionally, the process took months to prepare - as each type of fruit ripened and became seasonally available, it would be washed, dried, sugared, and placed in the Rum Pot.

Age the mixture in a cool place for at least three months to ferment properly. It will keep indefinitely as long as it is completely covered with the rum. Then enjoy over ice cream, yogurt, cake, waffles, etc., or by itself with a topping of cream.

Rumtopf (or Rumpot)


Fresh, unblemished fruits, just ripe
Rum of good quality
Fine granulated sugar

Rum Pot or crock pot, washed and dried
Cellophane paper
A dish that will fit inside the pot

Fruit Preparation:

If they are being washed, they should be dry before being placed in the Rumtopf. You'll get the best results by placing fruit inside the Rumtopf in the following order.

Strawberries: Wash, remove the stems and halve large ones.

Cherries: Wash, remove stems, and use with or without the pits.

Raspberries and/or Blackberries: Sort carefully, but do not wash.

Red Currant Berries: Wash well and remove from stem with a fork.

Apricots and/or Peaches: Scald for 1 or 2 minutes, peel and pit, and cut in quarters.

Melons: Peel, remove seeds and cut in cubes.

Plums: Wash well, remove stems, cut in half, and use with or without skin or pits.

Pears: Peel, cut in 4 or 8 slices, simmer in mixture of sugar and water, then remove from mixture.

Grapes: Wash well and remove from stem.

Pineapples: Remove the rind and center core, and cut in cubes.


On each pound of fruit, evenly sprinkle 1/2 pound of fine sugar, let soak for at least one hour, then place in the Rumtopf.

Cover the fruit with rum, about 1" above the fruit.

As you add the next fruit, keep topping off with rum.

After the last fruit has been added, place a dish over it to keep the fruit fully immersed in the rum.

To avoid loss of aroma or the evaporation of the rum, place cellophane across the top, under the lid.

Keep the Rumtopf in a cool place for three months, which allows it to ferment. (Check it occasionally to make sure that there is sufficient rum to keep the mixture covered; add more rum when necessary.)

It will then be ready for you to enjoy.

If you replenish or top off fruit, be sure to add more rum to keep it immersed, and, for best taste, allow 3 more months (or at least 2 months) for fermentation before using.


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