White Chocolate Pretzels Recipe
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White Chocolate Pretzels

1 package long pretzel rods
1 package almond bark, or vanilla candy coating
Decorations, such as red and green sprinkles, holiday M&Ms or crushed up candy canes
Place the candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl. Make sure you do not get any water in the bowl; any water at all will cause the candy coating not to melt properly and separate. Microwave the candy coating for one minute, then stir and microwave an additional minute until it is completely melted and smooth.

Stick a pretzel rod into the chocolate, and with a spoon, cover about of the pretzel with chocolate. Let the excess drip back into the bowl. Sprinkle the chocolate with either red and green colored sprinkles, crushed up peppermints, or stick red and green M&Ms to the chocolate.

Place the decorated pretzel on a piece of waxed paper or aluminum foil and let it dry completely about one hour. Gently pull the pretzels off the paper.

Pretzel Bouquet
Lay about 10 white chocolate pretzels on a sheet of red or green tissue paper. Wrap the pretzels up like a bouquet of roses would be wrapped, and tie red, green and white curling ribbon around the middle to secure. With scissors, curl the ribbon, then tie on a small gift card.

Pretzels in a Glass
Find a tall glass, such as a parfait glass, or one of those neat glasses mixed drinks are served in. Pour some holiday candies, such as M&Ms or hard mints, in the bottom of the glass. Put as many pretzels as you can in the glass, sitting on the candies do leave a little room for them to move around so they don't break when they are pulled out.

Cover the top of the glass with a piece of colored plastic wrap, or you can cut a piece of holiday fabric and double the width of the top with pinking shears to cover. Tie a pretty ribbon around the glass to secure, and you have a neat gift for someone special!


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