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Buckwheat Pancake Mix
Store it in a good plastic container that is air tight and keep the temperature of it below 72F and it will keep for several weeks. If you are going to store it longer than that, you might want to split it up into zip lock bags and keep it in the freezer. When the mix is frozen, no special steps have to be taken to use it. Just mix it up like it had been setting on your kitchen counter.

4 cups Whole wheat flour
4 cups Unbleached wheat flour
2 cups Buckwheat flour
1 cup Corn flour
1 cup Oat flour
3/4 cup Amaranth flour
48 Tbsp Dry buttermilk powder (this is 3 cups) *
6 Tbsp Baking powder
4 tsp Baking soda *
3 Tbsp Sugar (Makes the pancakes brown easier while baking)

* You may leave these two items out if you cannot find the buttermilk powder. It will not hurt the recipe at all.

Place all of the above ingredients in a container large enough to hold them. (Don't put any liquids in, just the dry stuff.) A large plastic bag works really well for this and the kids can have a grand time shaking the bag to mix everything together.

When you get ready to mix up the pancakes for breakfast, use about to 3/4 of a cup of dry mix for every person that you are going to feed. It depends on how hungry they are. I will give a typical mix recipe for three people and you can increase or decrease it as you like. The mix ratios seem to hold for any size batch.

Directions for mixing

2 cups Dry pancake mix
1 ea Eggs
1 cup Milk
1-2 Tbsp Oil

Measure the dry ingredients into a bowl large enough to contain it. Add the milk, oil and egg. Stir the mix just enough to wet the mix thoroughly, but don't worry about any small lumps. If the mix seems a little dry, add a little more milk to the mix. It should be the consistency of heavy cream. It will thicken a little as it sets due to hydration of the flour and may need to be thinned also.

Pre-heat the griddle on a medium low heat setting and when a water drop placed on the griddle skitters around, the griddle is ready to bake on. You should pour enough batter to make the pancakes 4 to 6 inches across. Cook the pancakes slowly. When the surface is covered with bubbles and the edges look slightly dry, turn them over and cook them to a golden brown.

If you want light and tender pancakes, they must be cooked slowly, about 2 to 4 minutes on the first side, and until golden brown on the other side. If the outside gets too dark or black before the inside is done, the fire and griddle are too hot. Turn the heat down and cook at a lower temperature. If the bubbles break before you turn the pancakes, (don't worry, some will always break) they won't be as light. Serve these hot with a good warm fruit compote or a fruit syrup that you make on the stove.


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