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Tips for Cleaning Tableware

When washing china or crystal by hand, place a rubber mat or towel on the bottom of the sink to act as a cushion.

Soak dishes with dried-on food in warm, sudsy water; avoid using harsh abrasives or steel wool.

Antique dishware should be washed by hand. Modern dishware, including china, can be washed in the dishwasher.

Fine crystal may occasionally be washed in the dishwasher with the utmost care in proper loading. But if it's used often, it's better to wash it by hand.

To keep crystal spot free, add a little vinegar to the rinse water.

Remove coffee, tea stains or cigarette burns from fine china by rubbing it with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda.

Sterling, stainless steel and silver plate are all dishwasher-safe. Allow silver to reach room temperature before drying and storing.

Use a pipe cleaner dipped in silver polish to remove tarnish from between tines of silver forks.

To get rid of brownish stains on stainless steel, rub them with a dish cloth dipped in household ammonia. Or try oven cleaner, and rinse well.

Launder table linens promptly after use. Informal linens should be washed and ironed at home. Formal linens usually require dry cleaning. To eliminate creases in your tablecloth, store it rolled around a tube.

If you choose to store your tablecloth folded, fold it wrong side out to prevent dust from showing on crease lines.

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